vanilla cake with black tea caramel sauce

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Vanilla Cake with Caramel

I’ve never been a vanilla type of girl. To me, the overall flavor can be too bland, too blah…”too vanilla” in comparison to other existing flavors.

For example, when considering different ice cream flavors to choose from, vanilla has never been in my radar, unless it’s served over warm apple cobbler or next to a slice of strawberry and peach pie. In my opinion, its qualities shine best when supporting and accompanying other desserts, but not by playing a protagonist role.

I mean, why would I ever choose vanilla when there are so many other exciting and interesting flavors in the dessert spectrum? I would choose salted caramel, chocolate mint, or hazelnut over vanilla any day….without any hesitation.

Vanilla Cake with Caramel

And when having to choose between cake flavors…let’s say, German chocolate cake or vanilla cake for example, the answer is obvious. German chocolate cake (DUH!). How about vanilla cake or carrot cake? The answer is evident once more…carrot!

Vanilla Cake with Caramel

This theory of vanilla desserts ranking low in my “must have” dessert list has proven to be true for many years…but then came this Vanilla Cake with Black Tea Caramel Sauce. It has a rich and pure vanilla taste that only the best quality vanilla could create. The black tea caramel establishes a hint of sweetness and bitterness that pairs really nicely with the strong vanilla flavor. This cake, along with the nice vanilla extract that I used in it, makes me become a vanilla believer.

Vanilla Cake with Caramel

And by the way, I’m completely hooked on Lágrima, one of the tastiest vanilla extracts I have ever tasted and the vanilla extract that is used in this specific recipe. I used tablespoons of it for this cake, since its smooth feel and neutral flavor is beyond pleasant. I even used the vanilla bean that’s inside the bottle to boost the vanilla flavor even more. To learn more about this beautiful product and to enhance your vanilla experience, be sure to check out the Lágrima web site.

So I believe that I have a new appreciation and view on this whole vanilla ordeal. Vanilla desserts can be wonderful and powerful in deed. What was that?…You still have a few doubts? Well, I guess it’s safe to say that this Vanilla Cake with Black Tea Caramel Sauce will restore all your faith and trust.

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  1. Thank you Vane for such a wonderful post and recipe. Everyone here at Lágrima is thrilled to see you found the right vanilla and the right recipe to solve your vanilla ordeal. :-)
    We are humbled by your opinion of our product and really appreciate the shout-out. Thank you! Thank you!

    • You’re so welcome!!! I’m thankful as well for such tasty vanilla!

  2. This cake looks positively glorious! I love baking with tea, and a black tea caramel sauce sounds amazing! I would love a slice of this cake, especially knowing it’s made with Lagrima. I am also head over heels for their vanilla!

  3. Thanks Allie! Yes, Lagrima vanilla is quite special!

  4. This was a very unique tasty dessert, very sweet but tasty.

    One quick question, for the caramel sauce do you use white or brown sugar. I tried twice with white sugar and it never darkened instead the water boiled out and it became rock hard. Then I tried with brown sugar and didn’t know how long to cook it and the sauce was pretty liquidy, still very tasty but it didn’t look like yours in colour or texture.


    • Hi Sophie! First of all, thank you so incredibly much for trying one of my recipes. Next time you make it, you can definitely reduce the sugar amount by 1/2 cup if you don’t like it that sweet.

      I used granulated white sugar for the caramel sauce, not brown sugar. It is normal for the water to boil out. That’s how we get rid of it and leave the dissolved sugar behind. When the water boils out it leaves a super-saturated solution behind. This solution is very fragile. Any dirt or impurities in it, can cause a few sugar molecules to crystallize and the crystallization will spread from molecule to molecule, eventually causing a big portion of the caramel to crystalize and harden. For this reason, it’s very important to keep your saucepan and the sides of your saucepan clean before attempting to cook your caramel. You should also refrain from shaking, stirring, or agitating the saucepan during the cooking process because crystallization may occur. It’s okay to stir or agitate the pan once the sugar begins to turn a yellow and amber color. And one more tip to prevent crystallization: pour about 1 tablespoon of corn syrup in with the sugar and water. This glucose will help prevent crystallization.

      I hope that all of those tips will help you make a better caramel sauce next time! Also keep in mind that the caramel will lock up and harden if you add cold heavy cream into the pot. To prevent this from happening you can warm up the cream before adding it to the pot. If the caramel locks up when adding the cream, you can keep cooking the caramel over low heat while stirring, until the chunks become melted.

      Thanks and good luck!!

  5. Thanks so much for the reply!
    Thats great! I will try your tips and feel much more confident when I make it next time!!

    Thank you!

    • You are so welcome! Please let me know how it goes for you. I hope that the tips will help you out next time!

  6. Y’know, I used to turn my nose up at vanilla too, often choosing chocolate, coffee or really, any other flavour! But now that I’m older and wiser, I actually really love vanilla. This cake looks delicious and I’m in love with your black tea caramel. What a fabulous flavour combo here, Vane! And beautiful photos as always.

    • I completely agree Nancy. Vanilla definitely has its magic! Thanks girl!

  7. Beautiful cake…I am so intrigued by the black tea caramel sauce. Amazing post!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much!

  8. I must say, vanilla ice cream is the only type I ever eat. I love the flavour on it’s own, although I do agree, it is basically the salt of the baking world when it comes to bringing out other flavours. Pairing it with black tea is brilliant!

    • Hi Mallory. I’m glad you that like vanilla so much. I like vanilla as well. It has definitely grown on me during these past few years. I used to be more into other flavors, but a good and pure vanilla ice cream or cake goes a long way. And if you pair that vanilla ice cream with roasted peaches or with a warm slice of apple pie, it’s just such a wonderful thing!

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