Dorie Greenspan, Keynote Speaker at IFBC 2013

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This past Friday I had the pleasure of hearing Dorie Greenspan speak at the International Food Blogger Conference in Seattle. Just a quick word on some of the amazing accomplishments that Dorie has made throughout her lifetime—Dorie is author of 10 cookbooks and winner of six James Beard and IACP awards, including cookbook of the year, which she has won twice—once for Desserts by Pierre Herme and another time for Around my French Table by Dorie Greenspan herself. She has also launched her own line of cookies, Beurre and Sel, with her son Joshua.

Dorie currently lives in Paris, but travels back and forth between Paris, New York City, and Connecticut, to which she stated, “Not bad…sometimes I have to pinch myself.” She admitted feeling so lucky at times for living her dream and for doing what she loves, that she would pinch herself really hard until her skin wouldn’t go down any further. But according to Dorie, she isn’t lucky just because. In her own words, “I am lucky because I worked hard.”


Dorie also mentioned that her life successes can also be attributed to seizing the moment and for never letting opportunities pass her by. She added that she never did anything just for economic compensation, but rather focused on the work itself because she knew that it would be fun, new, exciting and above all, that she would learn from the experience. She exclaimed and advised us to, “Always say yes!” , which drove a member from the audience to ask her what had been her best ‘yes’ of all. “You leave me no choice…my husband is in the room…Hi honey.”

As the speech came to a close, a member from the audience asked Dorie what food she would choose for her last meal. Dorie, filled with complete seriousness, offered a few simple yet decadent dessert choices, “but I hope that I don’t have it anytime soon!”

Aside from being a complete inspiration for her work and character, Dorie is also the ultimate sweet heart. She possesses many talents and is yet filled with humility and compassion, and you can easily feel her peaceful and positive presence with her calming aura.

Later in the night I saw Dorie walking in the hotel and I reluctantly asked if she could sign my recipe book. I briefly explained to her that this was my recipe book, the place where I wrote all of my sweet ideas, creations, and inspirations. She then wrote, “Vanessa—With the hope that times will always be sweet. XXX Dorie.”

I hope so as well Dorie, but you definitely gave me a pinch more of hope that they will be.


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  1. You are brilliant for having Dorie sign your recipe book. I’m an idiot for not having Dorie sign anything that was around me – a napkin, a scrap of paper, my hand, ANYTHING! At least I got a photo too. I adore her. Great post, Vane! I need to work on my IFBC posts. I have a feeling they’re going to be really long because I have so many wonderful things to say about the experience.

    • Thanks Nancy! I know you’ve heard this a million times before, but I just truly mean it. I’m so glad we finally had the opportunity of meeting each other. It was such a great time hanging out with you, Alice, and Allie! And if you want, I can just photocopy her signature and send you the copy so that you can tape it onto your book…haha!

  2. You guys had such a blast! I hope to make it next time. Meanwhile, baking from Dorie’s books is a great distraction. I have some recipes from her from very old Bon Appetit magazines. She was such an icon back then too!

    • We had a great time and it would’ve been awesome if you could’ve made it! I know it’s quite far though for you! It felt kind of far for me too! Dorie is great and so are her recipes!


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