chocolate caramel soft pretzels

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chocolate caramel soft pretzels
Family comes first.

That’s what I’ve come to realize in all the years that my family has stood by me. They’re there when I laugh. They’re there when I cry (even if I rather have no one see me do it, they’re there for me if I happen to break down in the open). Despite the distance, I know they’re there for me when I need them, for the good and the bad. And I like to think that I’m there for them as well.

chocolate caramel soft pretzels

And being the baby of the family has its benefits (yes, I am the youngest sibling), but it also has a couple of disadvantages. You definitely feel the strong love and care from everyone around you, and it feels so nice to be cared for. I also believe that family members are more protective over the little one of the pack. It has been that way in my experience at least. They want to make sure that the baby is on the right track and out of harm’s way as much as possible. And I, despite my non-confrontational ways, have had to remind them and reassure them from time to time that it’s fair to become hurt and to make mistakes once in a while, because what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger; that we learn from the mistakes we make and not so much from the mistakes of others.

But I get it now. They simply love me and want to shield me from pain in the same way that I want to protect them.

chocolate caramel soft pretzels

So as Mark and I were getting ready to eat dinner tonight, we made a toast with a glass of Malbec. We raised our wine glasses and we made a toast to life and our families. “To our families…because life is a wild roller-coaster and they are the ones who will always be there for the ride, no matter what.”

Yes, they are the one constant thing we can always count on.

chocolate caramel soft pretzels

I thank my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my nephew, my niece, Mark, and every one else in my family who has been there since I can remember.

Thank you for being such an important part of my life. For showing care. For showing love. For making me smile. For making me cry. For making me angry sometimes…And for many more things I can’t even begin to list.

chocolate caramel soft pretzels

Oh and these delicious chocolate caramel pretzels…Well, I made them the other day for a baseball game I went to with my brother and nephew. I enjoyed them in the company of my family who came to visit for a few days from Spain. Family and chocolate caramel pretzels…What a lovely way to spend a spring night.

chocolate caramel soft pretzels

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chocolate caramel soft pretzels

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  1. These are so beautiful, as was your loving tribute to your family. I think they must have done a wonderful job raising you :) xx

    • Thank you very much Barb! I don’t know where I’d be without them.

  2. What a kind, honest, loving post about family – i love it! And I loooove these pretzels, too – they look absolutely divine!

    • Thank you so much Amy!

  3. Vane, holy mother of all that is good and delicious in the world – these pretzels are amazing! What a lovely post for your family. I’m sure they appreciate your kind words, although probably not as much as they enjoyed munching on soft preztels smothered in chocolate and caramel ;)

    • Thanks Nancy! Come to think of it, I kind of wish I made them when they weren’t around so that I could’ve had more for myself. Oops, did I really say that? I’m bad sometimes.


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